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Online word guessing game like Alias or Taboo

  • Explain a word without saying it
  • Play with friends via video call
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Rules of Say Another Way

Say Another Way also known as Alias online or Taboo is a word guessing game that is played in teams.

In Say Another Way you have to explain things without saying the exact word. The idea is to explain words using synonyms, opposites or clues so that your team mates guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out. The similar popular board game with the similar rules that you may be familiar with is called Alias or Taboo.

It's possible to play Alias online in English and many other languages.

How to play Alias, Taboo

  • To play Taboo online you are going to need at least 4 players.
  • Players are connected through video and audio like playing in a zoom call
  • On the first round a random player is chosen to be an explainer. This player then takes a suitable amount of cards from the online word deck pack (15-20). The cards each have eight words on them. The other online players then choose a number from 1 to 8, for example 4. The timer is started and the player starts to explain the word number 4 from the online card. When the someone guesses the correct answer he puts the card on the table and starts explaining the word number 4 from the next card.
  • When the round timer runs out, all the players can review the result of the round . If the player is still explaining, the guessing becomes ‘open’ to all teams. The fastest correct answer wins and allows that team to move one space forward on the board.
  • The turn goes to the next team. In Say Another Way online used cards are returned to the bottom of the pack. The unused cards are given to the explaining player, and he also takes some new cards from the deck, so that he has 15-20 cards in his hand. The spaces on the game board have numbers 1-8, and the number for the explained words is now determined by where the team’s playing piece is on the game board. The team members take turns at explaining the words.
  • The team that is the first to reach 'Finish' space is the winner of Say Anther Way online game.

Note! The words are not in any particular order. There are verbs, adjectives, nouns, people, locations and colours. It all depends on luck, whether you get easy or hard words.

Only exact words are accepted in online alias | Taboo

The guessed word has to be exactly correct. For example, if the word is “Driving”, “Drive” is not an acceptable answer.

How to explain in Alias online

When explaining a word, you cannot use any part of the word on the card, nor a derivative of it

For example, you cannot explain the word “handbag” by saying “a small bag women usually carry”, or the word “balloon” by saying “a ball filled with air” since balloon and ball are derived from the same word. You could, however, say “a colourful object filled with air”.

Playing Taboo game | Alias online players are allowed to give as many hints and guesses as you can until the round timer runs out.

Say Another Way - Taboo online rules in brief | Alias online

  • The teams play in turns and inside each team the players explain in turns.
  • The amount of correctly guessed words equals the amount of spaces the team can move forward.
  • The amount of mistakes and skipped words equals the amount of spaces the team has to move backwards.
  • The first team to reach the ‘Finish’ space wins.
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